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In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), iWink has the obligation to inform you about which personal data is collected via this website.

This privacy statement contains everything about the personal data that is processed via this website and our newsletter.

This statement is regularly updated according to organizational or political-legal developments. You should therefore consult it regularly when you visit our website.

Contact details

For all questions or requests regarding privacy, please contact our support department

They will respond to your message within three working days and, if necessary, forward your question to our privacy officer.


iWink records data about the use of this website. This includes visitor numbers, pages visited and properties of the web browsers used. With these data iWink can improve the website and adapt it to the wishes of the user. Cookies are used for this purpose. On this website, analytical cookies are placed on your computer or phone for the anonymous use of Google Analytics.

Naam cookie Gebruik Levensduur
KirraSID Functional user settings & CSRF protection Until browser closes
_ga Anonymised statistics 2 years
_gat Anonymised statistics 24 hours
_gid Anonymised statistics 24 hours

The personal data is for internal use and is not passed on to other organisations for commercial purposes.

Sign up for newsletter

iWink offers you the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter. Herewith you give permission to store the provided data. In this way iWink can keep you informed about activities, news and/or developments. iWink offers the possibility to unsubscribe at all times.

If a newsletter is sent, statistics are collected on the basis of the e-mail address. Our newsletters are regularly sent to a specific area of interest (e.g. for an industry such as 'Healthcare'). By keeping our statistics on e-mail address, we ensure that the content of the newsletter matches the areas of interest of subscribers.

Forms on iwink.nl

Several sections of this website contain forms where personal data is requested. These personal data are stored in our Kirra CMS (on Dutch servers under Dutch jurisdiction) and are usually e-mailed to the specific department that has to process the data.

Forms are only sent by e-mail to the department for which the data is relevant. For example, a contact request under our products only arrives at the marketing department. This is a mailbox that only people currently working in that function have access to. There is only a select number of employees who can access all form submissions for management purposes and two-step authentication also applies. All iWink employees have submitted a Certificate of Good Behaviour (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, VOG) upon commencement of employment.

The data will only be used to follow up on a contact request. In addition to the data that you enter yourself, the time, IP address and the relevant page are stored in order to give more context to the form submission and thus to be able to answer questions more fully.

Storage of data

  • Forms and newsletter subscriptions
    Forms on pages within iWink.nl (except our chat, see below) that are submitted are stored by Kirra CMS. These are always on servers that are managed by ourselves. These servers are located in the Netherlands and are under Dutch jurisdiction. This information is for our own purposes and will not be sent outside the Netherlands (now or in the future). Transportation of this information always takes place over a secure connection. This storage is usually unlimited.
  • Statistics
  • For the collection of statistics we use the anonymized version of Google Analytics. These statistics do not contain any personal or demographic data. iWink has entered into a data processing agreement with Google. The option to share data with other services (including Google's own services) is deactivated. Transportation of this information always takes place over a secure connection. The storage of this data is in the hands of Google and takes place in the EU or US under US jurisdiction. This storage will be retained for 14 months.
  • Helpscout (e-mail and chat)
    Our customer service team uses the Helpscout service to facilitate email and chat. This includes our support@ and info@ addresses and the chat on our websites and in Kirra. As far as possible, this information is transported over a secure connection. Storage of data takes place on U.S. servers under U.S. jurisdiction. iWink has entered into a processing agreement for the processing of this data. The data stored is the data you provide yourself (such as e-mail address, name and the text in an e-mail or chat), supplemented with meta-data such as the page on which you chat, the IP address, browser version and times. These data help us to quickly find the right information and thus provide a better service to you as a customer or visitor.
  • PipedriveOur business development department uses Pipedrive to track recruitment for new and existing clients. Information owned by our customers is explicitly not stored here. As far as possible, this information is transported over a secure connection. Pipedrive is a company in Estonia with servers in Europe and America. iWink has concluded a processing agreement for the processing of this data. The data that are stored are the data we find in public and the recruitment information. Access to this data is restricted and protected with two-step authentication.

You have the right:

  • to inspect the information we have about you and in many* cases you can have it corrected or removed.
  • revoke your permission for certain processing operations (such as sending a newsletter)
  • to file a complaint via our support department

* we are required to retain certain information about you. For example, contact details of our active customers for urgent service notifications (emergency maintenance or vulnerabilities, for example). From a security point of view, we are also forced to make backups. We check these for accuracy. It is therefore not possible to have your data removed from backups afterwards because they will then no longer be correct.

Further good to know

  • If you refuse to provide your contact information it will affect how we can reach you. For example, you may not receive important information about your web application.
  • We do not use automated decision making based on your data.
  • Learn more about digital security at iWink

This document was last updated on 5 June 2019.

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