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Online marketing

Online growth by working together

A strong online presence is often essential for achieving business goals. But how do you ensure that your digital communication channels are successful?

Privacy-friendly web statistics

iWink is a partner of Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is the supplier of a statistics tool that is similar to Google Analytics. The big difference with Google is that Piwik PRO fully complies with the GDPR guidelines. You collect all the statistics you need and at the same time the privacy of your online visitors is guaranteed.

"Because we work in a structured way on our online marketing together with iWink, we see the number of visitors to the website increasing"

Realization of online objectives

Online marketing goes beyond just attracting visitors. It's about achieving specific goals. Whether you want people to download your e-book, request a quote or order a product, conversion optimization will help you achieve these goals. It ensures that you spend time and energy on what really matters and that your website actually contributes to your organizational objectives.

At iWink we understand the complexity of online marketing and help you with your online challenges with practical solutions and strategic advice. 

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