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Digital accessibility

about us

Our world is digitalising and thus demands a higher degree of independence from the population. We think this a good thing. But for approximately 4 million Dutch people with a disability, digital barriers arise due to inaccessible digital communication. And that, to us, is a no go.

Accessible for everyone

We want to make digital communication accessible and user friendly for everyone. That is why we pay a lot of attention to barrier-free digital communication.

Barrier-free certification and more

This is how we contribute to digital accessibility:

  • our products meet the guidelines of the WCAG (2.1, level AA) and certified with a barrier-free certificate;
  • we support our customers in offering digitally accessible content;
  • with our partner Cardan Technobility we offer WCAG inspections;
  • we are included in the Dutch Digital Accessibility Index.

"iWink meets the criteria of demonstrably accessible products and has sufficient up-to-date expertise and experience in the field of digital accessibility."

DDAI Accreditation committee


Barrier-free digital publications

Reporting allows you to create online publications yourself, such as brochures, research reports, annual reports and more reports. Reporting has been tested against WCAG 2.1, level A + AA and is therefore - as the first publication tool in the Netherlands - certified as “Drempelvrij” (barrier-free).

This makes it possible to make information from office files such as PDFs digitally accessible, so that they can be used by people with a functional disability.

View a sample report

Digitally accessible websites for

Do you have any questions about the WCAG?

Contact Wouter for more information

Wouter van der Veen

Consultant Digital Accessibility

+31 (0)50 2101200 w.vd.veen@iwink.nl