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Safe, user-friendly and ready to use

Digital Communication Platform

The Digital Communication Platform (DCP) is the foundation. This is the system where all your online channels come together, such as your websites, newsletters and reports. Convenient, because you can manage all your digital communication channels from one place.


All from one system

Some organisations have a different CMS for every website. That is not unusual, but it makes your online communication fragmented and sometimes a bit unclear.

We work with one CMS for multiple online products, like websites, reports and other web applications.

From there you and your colleagues can arrange and connect all online communication. This gives clarity and helps you work efficiently.

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Conform guidelines

Safe, accessible and user-friendly

The CMS complies to the highest safety standards, the web guidelines of the government, the XHTML guidelines of the W3C and the WCAG. Our systems are regularly tested by ethical hackers and safety updates are carried out continuously.

Because of the safety, accessibility, usability and search engine friendliness of the platform, hundreds of organisations are using the for their professional websites, reports and other web applications. Safe, accessible and user-friendly.

Advantages of our platform

Packages, modules and customisation

When we are going to work together, you can choose for one or more products. For example a Website, Mailer and Reporting. These are examples of our standard products we have built based on years of experience. We release these products on the DCP (and you could go live immediately if wanted!)

We can also extend the products with different modules and connections. You can find the available modules in our module catalog. For now the online catalog is only available in Dutch, so do contact us if you want to know more about the available modules.

Do you have extra wishes? We can add customised feature for the finishing touch.

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  • Multi-channel Content Management solution

  • Complies with highest safety standards

  • Flexible, thanks to modules, connections and customisation

  • Complies with the web standards and the W3C guidelines

  • Easily deploy content across multiple channels

  • Stimulate digital accessibility according to the WCAG 2.1 level AA

From one place

The same content, different channels

One of the advantages of our CMS is that you manage the content in one place. From there multiple channels can use the same content. You can for example choose to share a news article only on your website or also in a newsletter, on social media, on narrowcasting and/or the intranet.


Connect to backoffice software

Do you want to publish information directly from your backoffice software on your website? Our platform helps you with that. You can als display information from external channels (e.g. a news feed of another website) on your own website. In our catalog you can see which connections are available. The catalog is only available in Dutch at the moment. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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In short

Our platform is

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