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A professional and user-friendly email marketing tool. With Mailer you have all the functionalities you need to send professional mass mailings and make your email campaigns a success.

Own template

Reach your customers personally

Email marketing is still an important part of communicating with customers and/or users. At relatively low cost you can reach many customers. In a personal way, because with your own template and personalization you communicate with customers in the way you want.

Many possibilities

You are in control

  • User-friendly tool to compose and send your own emailings

  • Responsive template in your own house style

  • Personalize your messages

  • Complies with legislation such as AVG

  • Easy to link with your website or CRM

Speaking on any screen

Responsive email template

Mailer has several templates that can be delivered in your own house style. Within the template you can add links, lists, images, animated gifs, tables, attachments, etc. completely independently. The template can be linked to your website for automatic retrieval of news, calendar items or vacancies and can be personalized using variable fields from your address lists.


Mailer keeps statistics of the sent mailings which gives you insight in the number of received and opened mailings and which parts are most often clicked. Moreover, in Mailer you can directly fill in campaign tags so you can properly analyze the visits to your website from your mailings in the web statistics of your website.

Segmentation and personalization

Mailer has extensive capabilities for managing address lists. Link the signup form on your website directly to Mailer or import from Excel or CSV. Have an opt-in sent to unconfirmed registrations. If you combine several address lists, they are deduplicated when sent. You can also segment or personalize based on fields in your address lists.

Smart integrations

Link with your website and fill templates in no time with the most current content from your website. Place the subscription form on your website to collect new subscribers directly to the address list in Mailer or have Mailer linked to your CRM.


These companies are using Mailer

Dozens of organizations send their emailings through Mailer. These organizations preceded you, among others:


€ 60,- per month

+ € 500,- one-time fee

One mailbox (sender address)

50,000 email credits (per year)

Support included

Per template a one-time fee of € 650


€ 199,- per month

+ € 1000,- one-time fee

Up to 50 mailboxes (sender addresses)

250,000 email credits (per year)

Support included

Per template a one-time fee of € 650

More than e-mails

SMS license with an additional sender address

On top of the Basic or Enterprise license you can purchase an SMS license.  This license allows you to send SMS to predefined address lists of 06 numbers.

  • The SMS license costs EUR 250 per year.
  • per SMS you pay EUR 0.11. 

An additional sender address (mailbox) costs EUR 150 per year.


Extra e-mailcredits

If the email credits included with your package by default are not enough you can purchase additional bundles at the following rates:

50.000 credits € 450,- € 0,009 per e-mail
250.000 credits € 1750,- € 0,007 per e-mail
500.000 credits € 3.000,- € 0,006 per e-mail
1.000.000 credits € 5.000,- € 0,005 per e-mail

Tips & Tricks

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