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The website of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline informs its various stakeholders


TAP is short for Trans Adriatic Pipeline. A pipeline that transports gas from Azerbaijan to Europe. The multilingual website informs stakeholders about the company's commercial, operational and local activities, taking into account a national and international audience.

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Providing in formation in multiple languages

TAP is part of the 'Southern Gas Corridor', a complex value chain that enables gas supply from Azerbaijan to Europe. Many different stakeholders are involved in the construction of this corridor, including TAP.

The website is available in four different languages: English, Greek, Albanian and Italian. And just like the website visitors, the content managers also come from different countries.

From information to communication channel

The construction of the pipeline was completed in the fourth quarter of 2020. This means that the website that used to be an information channel about the construction of the pipeline now functions as an important communication channel for (new) customers of TAP, such as gas transporters. Via the website, TAP draws attention to its new products and services and also provides real-time information about gas transport.

REMIT tool

REMIT falls under EU regulation 1227/2011 and relates to the integrity and transparency of the European energy market. To comply with this law, TAP is required to timely and effectively report information about its capacity and use of its facilities, including planned and unplanned unavailability. The purpose of this is to prevent manipulation and abuse, but also to guarantee a level playing field on the energy market. That is why we have developed the REMIT tool.

The REMIT tool makes it possible to display notifications directly on the website, taking into account the required standards. The messages are then made available to the market via the website, XML and RSS.

Focus on personal stories

The construction of a pipeline such as that of TAP is a complex undertaking. For example, the pipeline runs over approximately 22,000 private plots. The website shows how the company interacted with communities living around the pipeline. Several people tell their story, such as archaeologists, farmers and those involved in TAP's social and ecological investment projects, etc.

TAP's approach is characterised by protecting the environment, involving local communities and building a sustainable future. For example, TAP has moved years-old olive trees to a nursery and planted them back at their original location.

Benefitting from a fresh lay-out, our new website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, while staying true to our brand. We are satisfied with the result as well as iWink’s support throughout this complex process. Our teams enjoy using the content management system and iWink’s hand-on approach in building tailor-made functionality such as the REMIT module or the tariff calculator was key to the overall look feel of our new website.

Vugar Veysalov TAP Head of External Affairs

International colaboration

We confidently accepted the great challenge together with TAP to provide visitors with the latest, relevant information about the pipeline. And all this with a diverse team from TAP's departments and host countries. A result to be proud of!

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